Railroad Employee Whistleblower Protection Attorneys

As an employer, railroad companies have rules and regulations they must follow to ensure their workers remain safe while on the job. They also have a duty to treat their workers fairly with regard to every aspect of their employment.

Sometimes, a railroad company – or any employer – winds up not adhering to the rules and regulations that govern it. When that happens, conscientious employees may decide to step forward and make an objection, not just for their own good, but for the good of their fellow employees as well. In some settings, that kind of positive, proactive behavior might be rewarded; but in others, the worker may wind up being punished, losing pay, benefits or even their job.

Unfair or Unsafe Practices

The Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) was created by Congress to help protect railroad workers who make the often difficult decision to “blow the whistle” on unfair or unsafe practices, prohibiting railroad companies from taking retaliation against workers who report violations.

Under FRSA, when retaliation is proven, the law requires the company to make the employee “whole.” That means they must pay any and all damages resulting from their actions, as well as restore the worker to their original position, restore benefits and pay for any lost wages.

Protecting Your Right to Be Heard

The FRSA process is complex. Employees who file a FRSA claim must prove the railroad company acted in a retaliatory manner, which in many cases, can be very difficult to prove. Having a skilled railroad attorney on your side is the best and most effective way to ensure your voice is heard and you receive the damages and compensation you're owed under the law.

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