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Reporting unfair or dangerous practices on the job is the right thing to do, and while it would be nice to think such conscientious behavior would be rewarded, that's often not the case.

Instead, many railroad workers have faced employer retaliation, losing their jobs, facing a cut in pay or hours, or losing some other work-related benefit. The result can be devastating, not just to the employees themselves, but also to the families they support.

Fortunately, the government recognizes the value of having railroad employees serve as an “extra pair of eyes” in identifying and then reporting these types of behaviors. The Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) was created to prohibit rail companies from taking retaliatory action against employees who engage in “protected activities” - essentially, reporting violations that could result or have resulted in unsafe working conditions, injury or other negative consequences.

Compensation for Damages

When a railroad company is determined to be in violation of FRSA, the act provides damages aimed at making the employee “whole.” That means an employee may claim for losses associated with loss of income, such as back pay with interest, emotional suffering arising from the employer's retaliation, punitive damages up to $250,000, attorney and expert witness fees, and other financial losses associated with the railroad company's actions. In addition, the railroad must remove any negative comments made on his or her record and reinstate an employee's position, including seniority and benefits.

Of course, the success of your case depends on proving the railroad has reacted in a retaliatory manner – a task that can take considerable time, effort and skill, especially considering the railroad and its insurers will be fighting back with everything they have.

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