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There's no question that America's railways are a critically important part of our nation's economy and logistics. But as with any mode of high-speed travel or transport, risks abound. Each year, upward of 9,000 railroad accidents and incidents cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities to train passengers, roadway drivers and passengers, and railroad workers, according to the Federal Railroad Administration's Office of Safety Analysis

Railroad Negligence & Liability

Every day on every track, at every crossing and in every rail yard or station, lives are at stake. Common factors in injury-causing railway incidents include:

  • Human error
  • Broken rails, welds or wheels
  • Failed traffic control mechanisms
  • Mechanical failures or leaks
  • Violation of safety rules
  • Poorly maintained crossings
  • Problems with track geometry
  • Lack of adequate warnings


America's rail transport providers have a responsibility to its employees, passengers and the public to operate safely and to pay recompense when injuries occur.

Experienced Rail Accident Attorneys

The Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) mandates a federal system of legal recovery for injured railroad workers and their families. But some defense attorneys will misuse arguments such as the "safer alternative measure" to deny injured parties their rightful compensation. Rail Justice works diligently to make sure that doesn't happen. We also work to protect those brave enough to speak out on safety issues under the Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA). 

If you've suffered a railway-related injury or loss, or if you're being pressured or harassed over a hazardous safety or security condition, contact Rail Justice at 888-519-RAIL (7245).


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